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Vape Cartridges; Everyone's Doing It

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that vaping is the new buzz these days. What with a global pandemic that’s spread like wildfire and a strict lockdown in place (in most places), many adults have naturally gravitated towards the fruity vape pods as a safer alternative to traditional smoking. 

For the non-pod fiends out there, vaping weed or THC oil is the modern go-to alternative to smoking and is gaining popularity among the young and hip crowd. The process of vaporization involves heating the hemp flower or weed extract up to a specific temperature just below the point of combustion in a vaporizer. The result is a stream of vapor that’s inhaled via a bag or mouthpiece (whichever you prefer).

Like THC CBD edibles, vape pens have grown into more than a fashion accessory of the chill crowd or for those who chase the couch lock.  

We all know that cigarettes (including weed) produce a lot of tar along with other harmful by-products. That’s because whether you’re using a ten-foot bong, a joint or blubber, they all rely on combustion. 

Vaping Benefits

Vaping is generally recognized to be at least 95% safer than smoking, which is the reason why vaporization is mostly recommended for administering CBD for sleeping or CBD for anxiety. There are also quite a few advantages of going the dab pens route, which include:

  • A more pronounced flavor, as in, you can distinctly taste each individual terpenes, including various cannabinoid profiles of each strain. 
  • THCA diamond CBD oil vaporizers have adjustable heat settings that allow you to have complete control over the pod's temperature, making it easy to create those beautiful plumes of smoke.
  • Vaping also smells a lot less as compared to smoking, which makes it a great choice for those who want to keep a low profile while flying high. 
  • The ability to extract the cannabinoids from the dry herbs slowly and more efficiently allows users to enjoy multiple sessions with a single pack.
  • And then, there’s the big one. Vaporizers do not need any external heat source, so you won’t have to bother about not having a lighter.
  • Additionally, high-quality vaporizers that are available in the market make it safer to use since the vapor only passes through materials such as stainless steel, quartz or ceramic, which makes for a cleaner smoke as compared to devices that use plastics or rubber. 

Weed Vape Cartridges vs. Old School Black Hash and Bongs

Some might find having to use a small pipe awkward, especially if you’re trying to get high for the first time. Small pipes also make it harder to load the hash at the end of the pipe and ensure that it’s packed tight enough. 

Another downside is that both wax and shatter are butane hash oil concentrates that get you a similar high, but because of their potency, they also tend to come with a higher price point, which does not make them a pocket-friendly option. 

Also, one has to choose between the various options available – bongs, one-hitters, joints, pipes, apple bongs, bowls, soda cans bubbles and cones. That’s just too much to think about. 

On the other hand, with the cannabis vape cartridge, you won’t have to make your head spin. Concentrate cartridges come pre-filled. Many just fit right into your pen or stationary desktop vaporizer. Easy peasy. Vape cartridges are great for perfecting that French inhale.

Shatter Vape Cartridges vs. Pre-Rolled Joints

Next up, we have the pre-rolled variety, aptly named the “hot dogs” of the weed industry because they are cheap to make and easy to consume for novice tokers looking for a high in a hurry.

But, let’s be honest, there’s a reason why marijuana dispensaries push pre-rolled joints for a penny on your first visit. That’s because they are packed with powderized plant material and leafy trim, both of which aren’t ideal to experience that floatiness. 

Apart from being harsh on your throat, another problem with ready-made pre-rolled joints is that they are nowhere near the perfection of that DIY fattie, which takes the buzz out of a session. 

If you want to save yourself the hassle of CBD capsules concentrates, rolling papers and popcorn lung, then vape cartridges are perfect as CBD sleep aids or for cloud chasing.

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