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The Smell of Vaping Weed and the Known Impact of a Vaporizer

When switching to vaping, one of the first questions cannabis users have is, "Does vape weed smell?" Yes is the obvious answer. When vaping, the smell of marijuana is still discernible. It's good to know that the scent doesn't remain on you for very long and that it doesn't last long. Because the aroma of marijuana does not adhere to hair, clothing, or the surroundings in which you are smoking, people won't be able to tell that you have been vaping.

First of All, Why Does Vaping Cannabis Smell?

Cannabis has a variety of smells depending on the strain. This is due to the fact that each strain has a unique combination of terpenes in the plant. The herb's aroma (and flavour) is created by the fragrant oils found in these terpenes.

When cannabis is smoked, the terpenes release an aroma that is combined with other combustion byproducts. This imparts a smokey aroma, which is also the reason smoking creates a more potent and enduring perfume that frequently clings to other objects and stays with a person.

Comparing Joint and Vaporizer Odor

Whether you choose to use a vape pen or a joint is a matter of preference. However, you should be aware of several distinctions between the two methods to decide which vape is ideal for you. The first is obvious: While a vape only heats cannabis to release the intoxicating THC and CBD, a joint or similar vaping method actually burns the plant.

The smell of burning pot directly is almost always significantly stronger than the scent of heating weed via convection techniques. The smell of marijuana in a vape will almost always be less overpowering than in a joint because there is no burning within.

Identifying the Cannabis Product with the Least Amount of Smell

The kind of weed product you ingest will also affect the strength of the odour emitted and the kind of vape you use. Usually, potency and flavour are taken into consideration when people choose the kind of cannabis product they vape. However, the sort of cannabis product you're using will probably also have an impact on the smell of marijuana coming from your vape. You should think about each of these things before deciding on the kind of marijuana to vape.

a) Dry Herb

In a dry herb vaporizer, dried cannabis flower is placed inside the vape chamber for use. The active components (mainly THC and CBD) are administered in the form of concentrated vapour when the heating tool raises the temperature within the vaporizer. But unlike smoking a joint, the temperature of the vaporizer can be precisely controlled to prevent the burning of the marijuana.

b) Weed Oil

Some folks choose smoking marijuana oil extract over actual marijuana plant material. First-time users love oil vape pens because they tend to generate cleaner vapour. Another thing to keep in mind is that oils can occasionally contain up to 90% THC or CBD, making them significantly stronger than cannabis dry herb.

c) Weed Wax

Weed wax, an extract of the cannabis plant that is semi-solid, is the strongest of the three types of vape material. Since it isn't mixed with other carrier oils, weed wax often smells fresher. But for other people, the aroma of wax cannabis material doesn't have the distinctive cannabis scent they like. Wax may not be viable for those on a tight budget because it is also the most expensive vape material.

How Long Would the Smell Last?

Different vapes perform better than others at masking the smell of cannabis. In terms of vapes, dry herb vapes often provide the most noticeable smell. Conduction-powered vapes emit a more potent smell, while those with convection ovens within emit a less potent one. If you're vaping dried herbs, consider opening a window or making sure no one comes in for 30 minutes after you finish. Vape pens are the least visible, whereas dab pens and wax-based vapes are more covert.

Herbs that are dried have a greater aroma than those that have been treated. You can tell just by opening a container of it since the odour spreads right away. So if you're going to secretly vape marijuana, use it with a bit more caution.


Marijuana vaping indeed has a smell. However, it doesn't emit an aroma that is as potent or lingering as when weed is smoked. Therefore, even though there is the unmistakable scent of marijuana, it dissipates rapidly and doesn't cling to you or the space. Because of this, vaping cannabis is preferable for people who wish to get high without anyone else noticing.

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