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Exactly How Many Cannabis Strains Are There? Find Out Today

There are many different kinds of cannabis available. Each type has a unique name and offers its unique effects. The differences between these strains are based on each type's genetics and chemical composition. There are many marijuana strains, making it difficult to give an exact count, but we’ll try to name them in today’s article.

The Three Main Types

It can be difficult to break old patterns and behaviours. For years, people have been grouping cannabis varieties into three distinct groups: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Recent studies have suggested that these categories only tell us a little about the effects of the strain. In other words, distinguishing between indica, sativa, or hybrid may not significantly affect a person's experience with a specific strain.

The effects you feel from marijuana are not determined by whether it is an indica or sativa strain but rather by the combination of chemical compounds it produces. Depending on these compounds, you may feel sleepy, energized, or intoxicated.


In the cannabis world, sativa is associated with a more stimulating experience than the sedative effects of an indica. Typically, they are taller plants with thin leaves and a longer flowering period. But it's important to remember that the effects of a particular strain are not necessarily determined by its indica or sativa status. Rather, it is the combination of chemicals and terpenes that make up each strain that determines its effects.

How can you tell if a cannabis plant has strong sativa phenotypes? Always observe the plant. They tend to have narrow, elongated leaves and can reach a considerable height.


Generally, indica strains are associated with a more calming, soothing effect. But this does not necessarily mean all indica varieties are necessarily sleep-inducing. Depending on their chemical makeup, some indica strains may contain compounds that can be energizing rather than soothing. 

So, it is important to consider the levels of aromatics molecules, such as myrcene, when selecting a strain instead of relying solely on its indica classification.

Indica phenotypes have wide leaves that typically bloom for shorter periods and are shorter and thicker in size.


Hybridization is the process of blending different cannabis plants to create new varieties. This involves taking two distinct varieties of cannabis, such as an indica and a sativa, and cross-breeding them to create a new strain with traits from both parents. This process can create plants with more desirable characteristics, such as a higher yield, greater potency, or enhanced flavour.

Most cannabis varieties available today combine two or more types, so it’s hard to determine exactly what type of hybrid strain each one is.

In Summary

It's tough to give an exact answer about the total number of cannabis strains, as new varieties are continually being produced through hybridization. In short, cannabis breeders can use the genetic diversity of different plants to create new and unique strains of cannabis. They do this by carefully selecting plants with desirable qualities and breeding them together to create a new strain. The new strain is then given a name, marketed, and sold.

But remember, these multiple strains come from the cannabis types you learned today: indica, sativa, and hybrid.

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