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Different Cannabis Edibles You’ll Find in a Dispensary Pt. 2

The world of cannabis edibles has expanded far beyond the typical brownie or gummy bear. With the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, dispensaries now offer a wide range of products to suit different taste buds and preferences. 

Whether you're looking for a tasty treat or a discrete way to consume cannabis, there's an edible for everyone.

In part two of this article, we'll explore some more unique cannabis edibles you'll find in a dispensary, including savoury snacks, infused cooking ingredients, and more!

1. Savoury Snacks

For those who prefer savoury flavours over sweet, there's no shortage of options for cannabis-infused snacks. From crunchy chips to spicy popcorn, these edibles provide a satisfying way to enjoy cannabis while enjoying your favourite munchies. Some popular savoury cannabis snacks include:


Cannabis-infused pretzels offer a deliciously salty and crunchy snack. They're available in various flavours, such as traditional salted, honey mustard, and spicy buffalo. These pretzels typically contain around 5-10mg of THC per piece, making them an excellent option for a low-dose edible experience.


Spice up your movie night with some cannabis-infused popcorn. Flavours range from classic butter to more adventurous options like sriracha or white cheddar. Each serving usually contains 10mg of THC, so you can easily control your dosage.


Cannabis-infused jerky is a tasty and protein-packed option for those who enjoy meaty snacks. Available in flavours such as teriyaki, peppered, and even maple bacon, each piece of jerky typically contains around 10mg of THC.

2. Infused Cooking Ingredients

For those who enjoy cooking and baking, dispensaries offer a variety of cannabis-infused ingredients to help elevate your culinary creations. From oils to butters, these products make it easy to incorporate cannabis into your favourite recipes. Some popular infused cooking ingredients include:

Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

This versatile ingredient can be used in a wide range of dishes, from pasta to salad dressings. Each teaspoon typically contains around 10mg of THC, allowing you to control your dosage based on your personal preferences easily.

Cannabis-Infused Butter

Also known as cannabutter, this ingredient can be used in place of regular butter in your favourite recipes. Each tablespoon generally contains around 10mg of THC, making it easy to customize your edible experience.

Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

Cannabis-infused coconut oil is a great alternative for those who prefer a dairy-free option. It can be used in various recipes, from baked goods to stir-fries. Each teaspoon contains around 10mg of THC, allowing for easy dosing.

3. Capsules and Pills

For those who prefer a more discrete and controlled way to consume cannabis, capsules and pills are an excellent option. These products offer a consistent dosage of cannabinoids, making it easy to monitor your intake. Some popular capsule and pill options include:

THC Capsules

These capsules contain a precise dose of THC, typically ranging from 2.5mg to 50mg per capsule. This allows users to control their dosage based on their desired effects easily.

CBD Capsules

For those seeking the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects, CBD capsules are a great choice. They typically contain between 5mg and 50mg of CBD per capsule, making finding the right dose for your needs easy.

1:1 THC or CBD Capsules

These capsules offer a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, offering both the benefits of CBD and the psychoactive effects of THC. Each capsule typically contains around 10mg of each cannabinoid, providing a balanced experience.


As you can see, the world of cannabis edibles goes far beyond just gummies and candies. With a wide range of products available, there's truly an edible option for everyone. Whether you're looking for a delicious snack, a versatile cooking ingredient, or a discrete and controlled way to consume cannabis, dispensaries have you covered. 

So why not explore these unique cannabis edibles on your next visit to a dispensary? You might discover your new favourite way to enjoy cannabis!

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