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Surprising & Effective Cool Tricks to Mask Cannabis Oil

If you want to reap the health benefits of cannabis oil without enduring its earthy, hemp-like taste, you have come to the right place. You can mask CBD oil's taste and enjoy its many potential benefits with a few tricks and creativity. In this guide, we will cover the best ways to mask the taste of CBD oil so that you can make the most out of your CBD experience.

Pop Some Mint or Chewing Gum

Mint is an aromatic herb with a refreshing flavour, making it a great addition to many dishes. But did you know that it can also help mask the taste of CBD oil? It is the perfect solution for those who want CBD oil without dealing with the taste.

Mint is an excellent option because it is relatively easy to find, and the essential oils can be added to your CBD oil without purchasing anything else. It is more accessible and convenient than other methods of masking the taste of this oil.

Finally, mint can also help to enhance the effects of CBD oil. Mint is known for its calming and soothing effects, which can help increase CBD oil's effectiveness. It is ideal for those who want to get the most out of their cannabis oil.

Brush Your Teeth

If you are a part of the growing number of people who regularly take CBD oil as part of their morning or evening routine, consider brushing your teeth beforehand. Not only is brushing your teeth an excellent way to ensure your oral health, but it can also help minimize CBD oil's taste since your tongue will still have that minty flavour all over it.

When it comes to taking CBD oil, the taste can be off-putting for some people. The oil has a slightly bitter flavour, which can be difficult to stomach. However, if you brush your teeth beforehand, toothpaste's minty taste helps mask CBD oil's unpleasant taste.

Also, brushing your teeth can help you get CBD oil's full benefits. It is important to note that CBD oil is fat-soluble, meaning that it needs to be combined with fat to be absorbed by your body. If you brush your teeth before taking CBD oil, it helps to ensure that your body can absorb the oil more effectively.

Finally, brushing your teeth beforehand is a great way to maintain oral hygiene. The CBD oil can be sticky and hard to remove from your teeth, so brushing beforehand helps keep your teeth clean and free of residue.

Drink Something

A glass of water, juice, coffee, or tea nearby can be helpful when taking cannabis oil. The liquid will help wash away the taste of the oil and help ensure you get CBD oil's full benefits. 

Another option is to sip your drink before you take the oil. Doing this can help to coat your tongue and throat and reduce the taste of the oil. It is essential to note that you should wait a few minutes after taking the oil before you drink, as this will help to ensure that the oil is fully absorbed into your system. 


Masking the taste of CBD oil is a great way to make the most out of its benefits without having to endure its taste. By hiding the taste of the oil, you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine, making it easier to reap its potential benefits. With the variety of options available to mask the taste, you can tailor the experience to meet your needs. 

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