#6-750 Fortune Drive, Kamloops BC, V2B 2L2
Open Every Day: 9am-11pm
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Kamloops Cannabis Store

Fiore Fresco

Welcome to Fiore Fresco, a legal and locally owned Cannabis retail store. The owners, Christopher Monteleone, Dino Bernardo, and Justin Cuzzetto, all come from an Italian background. We decided the name ‘Fiore Fresco’ matched the interior design, helping to create a classy yet casual feel. The name directly translates to ‘Fresh Flower’. We pride ourselves in giving informative and knowledgable advice and service, while always aiming to promote the safe and responsible use of cannabis.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note, we are open at this time with strict rules in place to ensure we comply with all directives in regard to COVID-19. These rules are posted on our front door. Please ensure you are practicing social distancing and doing your part to help keep our staff and customers safe during this unique health crisis.